Hudson River Psychiatric Center Landfill Area 6

Fuss & O’Neill conducted environmental remediation design, planning, oversight, and reporting at a landfill consisting of coal ash and municipal solid waste located at the Former Hudson River Psychiatric Center in Poughkeepsie, New York.

To address municipal solid waste and coal ash at the site, Fuss & O’Neill prepared a Remedial Action Work Plan and oversaw remediation. Remediation included consolidating waste materials from across the site and employing a geocomposite clay liner to minimize infiltration of stormwater through the waste material to minimize discharge of landfill leachate to an adjacent stream and to prevent direct exposure to waste materials. Following completion of the cover system, Fuss & O’Neill performed groundwater monitoring and inspection and O&M of the cover system.

Remediation was successfully completed in accordance with a NYSDEC Voluntary Cleanup Agreement following New York’s DER-10 guidance.

Fuss & O’Neill prepared and implemented a Community Air Monitoring Plan to minimize dust and vapor impacts that were potentially created during remedial activities from migrating off site.