FERC Compliance Services for Utility Company

Fuss & O’Neill has provided a wide range of FERC compliance engineering services for a Hydroelectric Project, consisting of the Hadley Dam, appurtenant gate structures, canals, overflow structures, and powerhouses.

Phil Moreschi is the FERC-Approved Independent Consultant for the Holyoke project. Under his guidance we have provided:

  • Part 12 D Inspection and Reporting (Inspection of entire project and evaluation of potential failure modes or PFMs)
  • Bi-Annual Dewatered System Inspections (Assessment of current condition of system hydraulic and structural components)
  • Canal Structures Geotechnical Investigation & Stability Analyses (Analyses of specific PFMs involving 4 overflow dams, a powerhouse, and an earthen dike)
  • Fish Passage Improvement Project (Assessing the impact of modifications on stability of headworks and spillway)