Griswold Corporation Environmental Land Use Restriction

The recording of an environmental land use restriction (ELUR) in support of the construction of engineered controls and the use of site buildings as physical barriers allowed Griswold Corporation to manage a significant quantity of polluted soil on-site instead of disposing of it off-site.

Fuss & O’Neill was retained by Griswold Corporation to complete investigation and remediation activities and bring their four-parcel site in Moosup, Connecticut to closure with a Licensed Environmental Professional verification. Remediation activities included the construction of permeable and impermeable engineered controls, rendering soil inaccessible and environmentally isolated, and prohibiting residential use of specific parcels, all of which required recording an ELUR. In total ten ELUR Subject Areas were established across three of the parcels. Recorded restrictions included no residential use, no disturbance of engineered controls, no demolition of buildings or disturbance of floor slabs, and no disturbance of inaccessible soil.