Former Car Wash Property Redevelopment Environmental Due Diligence

Fuss & O’Neill was contracted to provide a multitude of environmental services to help our client prepare the site prior to sale. As part of these services, we conducted groundwater sampling to identify potential toxins. The large site once hosted a commercial car wash facility. Car washes are associated with historic use of PFAS.

We installed three groundwater monitoring wells on site and cleared the wells to remove fine materials that could bias sampling results. After waiting a week for the formation to equilibrate, the wells were sampled using the U.S. EPA low-flow method. Samples were analyzed for: PBCs, ETPH, PAHs, total RCRA list of 8 metals, VOCs, 1,4-dioxane, and PFAS.

The car wash site also included a 20,000-gallon oil/water separator. Six characterization samples of liquid were collected, due to potentially different water quality from each chamber of the oil/water separator. Samples were analyzed for: PAHs, ETPH, VOCs, PCBs, total RCRA list of 8 metals, 1,4-dioxane, and PFAS. The results of this sampling were used to determine how the water could be safely disposed of.

We prepared a completion report that documented the regulatory review information and conclusions, that documented the activities performed, that summarized sampling results, and that provided recommendations.

Additional project tasks included utility clearance, soil sampling, stockpile sampling, construction oversight, and post-excavation sampling. Following the investigation, Fuss & O’Neill oversaw a limited remediation program involving removal of the oil/water separator system and limited soil excavation and disposal at the former floor drains.