Festival Pier Remediation and Redesign

Contaminated riverfront property was simultaneously remediated and put to new use as a prime community venue, fishing pier, and park. Fuss & O’Neill landscape architects and brownfields remediation experts collaborated on the clean up and redesign of this former oil terminal located on the Seekonk (Pawtucket) River.

Remediation monies from the EPA and RIDEM funded the Site Investigation in accordance with RIDEM Remedial Regulations, as well as the development of the Festival Pier site master plan. Our team applied the requisite remediation techniques to ensure preservation of the site as a community amenity.
In keeping with the historic character of the site, remaining tank footprints are being converted to “picnic pods,” with new space designed to house the Mackinac Disaster Memorial.

Plaza spaces were divided by beds of phytoremediation plantings with a large open plaza to meet the needs of the City’s annual Dragon Boat Races and Taiwan Day Festival.

Given the need to cap much of the site, our team’s design created two plaza spaces: a 10’ waterfront promenade, and parking for the many fishermen and boaters who frequent the site.