Facility Lagoon and Disposal Area Closure

Fuss & O’Neill, Inc. completed assessment, design, and remedial construction activities at a former aerospace manufacturing facility.

Assessment, remedial design, and closure of a pre-RCRA metal hydroxide disposal area, two RCRA-regulated surface impoundments, and two RCRA-regulated waste piles were completed by Fuss & O’Neill. We worked closely with the CTDEEP and the U.S. EPA to secure approval of an innovative RCRA closure plan for the impoundments and waste piles, resulting in clean closure as a wetland. We also secured CTDEEP authorization to use impacted soils to raise grades at the sludge disposal area and cap the area with a geomembrane engineered control. This action saved the client off-site disposal costs for approximately 1,700 cubic yards of impacted soil.
Closure included relocation of the native endangered species Helianthemum propinquum (Low Frostweed) to an on-site area outside the limits of the engineered control.