Easton Beach Neighborhood Flood Evaluation

Fuss & O’Neill assessed several issues associated with Easton Pond and Beach, which included existing flooding in the creek, which extends up to the dam from the ocean and around the foot of the dam for several thousand feet. We also evaluated the safety of the existing dam structure and addressed water quality issues at the beach.

As part of this assessment, comprehensive hydrologic and hydraulic models of the creek were developed to assess existing flooding problems and potential improvements. A hydrologic model (TR-20) was developed for a 3,500-acre watershed. A hydraulic model (HEC-RAS) was developed for the entire creek system. The model was an unsteady flow simulation to account for tidal conditions. Alternative flood control improvements were studied, which included excavating the existing channel, widening the channel and lining it with riprap, replacing the existing culvert, installing an in-stream pump station, relocating the creek outfall, and lining the creek with concrete.