Fire School Emergency Response Waste Characterization

Fuss & O’Neill Design Build was retained to investigate and address a historic drum disposal area at a fire school.

Through the use of ground-penetrating radar, we were able to quickly locate the area. A test pit program confirmed the presence of the drums and allowed us to establish that the majority of the drums were either full, or partially full, of liquid styrene, a toxic chemical used in the manufacture of plastics.

Within two weeks of the discovery, we developed a remedial plan and mobilized a remedial contractor to the site to address the condition. Although the waste was originally believed to be hazardous by the State and all involved, we were able to use our understanding of RCRA waste characterization to classify the soil as non-hazardous for disposal purposes. This determination greatly simplified reporting and waste disposal logistics, and saved the State of Connecticut over $1.0 million in disposal costs.