Davenport Landing Boat Yard

Fuss & O’Neill provided a full range of services to support construction of a new boatyard and marina at the Davenport Landing site.

Site Remediation: We led the investigation and remediation was completed in accordance with the CT Transfer Act and the CT RSRs. The selected remedy addressed site conditions by using clean fill material, pavement, and buildings to render impacted soil inaccessible and/or environmentally isolated.

Site and Boatyard Design: We performed all site design, permitting, and construction assistance associated with upland features. Grades were raised to elevation 14-feet NAVD 88 (as required for site remediation) and to provide flood protection a minimum of one-foot above the FEMA flood elevation.

Bulkhead: We permitted and coordinated with a geotechnical
/structural engineer who designed a combination pipe pile/sheet pile bulkhead to accommodate upland and in-water needs. A travel lift well was installed and a concrete cap with walkway (used as a public access boardwalk) was constructed.

Dredging: We permitted and prepared bid documents associated with dredging activities. Approximately 2,350 CY of rip rap and soil was excavated, characterized, and reused on site. Approximately 12,000 CY of sediment was dredged from the combined areas of the two footprints of approximately 40,000 SF.