D.W. Field Park Historic Dam Repairs

The City of Brockton owns and maintains several dams within historic D.W. Field Park (listed on the National Register of Historic Places). Fuss & O’Neill conducted structural inspections to assess the condition of these structures, including stone masonry walls, spillways, low-level outlets, bridges, and earthen embankments. These assessments enable targeted recommendations for repairs and refined investigations to ensure the integrity of these structures and the safety of the visiting public. Fuss & O’Neill conducted a prioritization assessment to identify the most critical repairs needed to best reduce risks with limited available funds.

Fuss & O’Neill prepared design plans and details for the required repairs at Thirty Acre Pond Dam, which included provisions for repair of a low-level outlet structure and repairs to adjacent stone masonry retaining walls. Permit applications were prepared for local wetlands approvals, as well as from the MassDCR Office of Dam Safety, Army Corps of Engineers, and coordination was required with the Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources and Massachusetts Historical Commission.

Fuss & O’Neill provided bid phase and construction phase services for the City to assist in the selection of a qualified construction contractor and the inspection of the construction progress to assure compliance with the approved plans and specifications. We assisted the City in the review of contractor submittals, pay requisitions and request for information during the construction process. Upon completion of construction record documents were compiled and submitted to the MADCR Office of Dam Safety for permit closeout.