Curtain Lofts – Former Wampanoag Mill Complex

Fuss & O’Neill contracted with Winn Development to provide Licensed Site Professional, environmental assessment, and remediation services for the $25 million re-development of the circa-1875 five-story Wampanoag Mill complex.

In accordance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan, Fuss & O’Neill conducted Phase I and II assessments, a Phase III Remedial Action Plan, and a Release Abatement Measure Plan. Activities included excavation and off-site disposal of soil contaminated with lead, and the installation of a site-wide soil cap. The team also prepared a Downgradient Property Status Opinion, documenting potential migration of off-site contamination onto the development site.

After working with local agencies and financial institutions to secure project financing, Fuss & O’Neill coordinated with the site development contractor to ensure remediation was implemented concurrently with development. The building was transformed into an age-restricted housing complex known as Curtain Lofts.