Crompton Avenue Landfill / Scalloptown Park

On behalf of the Town of East Greenwich, RI, Fuss & O’Neill completed site investigation and landfill closure planning, design, and construction administration activities at the Town’s former municipal landfill on Crompton Avenue.

Upon completion of the environmental investigations and identification of necessary remedial activities, Fuss & O’Neill prepared construction drawings, obtained required permit authorizations for the project, and continued assisting the Town by providing construction oversight and administration services.

Fuss & O’Neill prepared site design alternatives for the closure and reuse of the former landfill as a Town park known as Scalloptown Park. These design alternatives included site layout and preliminary designs for the construction of landfill cap, parking areas, and a bike path. Fuss & O’Neill utilized our multidisciplinary capabilities to complete the environmental investigations and site design planning to facilitate the return of this waterfront to provide natural habitat, walking trails and bike paths for residents.

This site, which is located on the shores of Greenwich Cove and the Maskerchugg River, had been utilized by the Town between 1927 and 1980 for the disposal of municipal waste and sludge from a nearby wastewater treatment plant.

Upon completion of landfill closure, we negotiated and implemented a cost-effective long-term environmental monitoring program on behalf of the Town. Landfill closure activities were designed to transform the landfill into a public park through a single construction project.