Coe Memorial Park

Coe Park, Torrington’s singular downtown open space, has a rich history and is extensively used. The master planning process was a completely public and interactive process that involved numerous special interest groups, community leaders, city staff, and the general public.

User surveys, on-line responses, planning options, historical and vegetative analysis, phasing and cost estimates, and public workshops and charettes were among the numerous services provided for the City. Once complete, the master plan became the catalyst for funding approximately 1.2 million dollars of Phase One activities. The project team prepared all technical documents, acquired necessary permitting, and assisted the City with public bidding and construction administration.

Winner of the 2004 Connecticut Open Space Award – Wheelchair accessible paths offer obstacle-free travel through the park. Re-oriented benches look inward toward the park rather than outward facing busy traffic. A new vehicular entrance minimizes the visual impact of vehicles within the park.