Coastal Flood Resilience

The City of Milford experiences frequent coastal flooding caused by high tides and storm surge, as well as interior stormwater drainage that has no ability to drain through flooded outfalls. Fuss & O’Neill is working with the City to make three neighborhoods more resilient to existing and projected coastal flooding.

Calf Pen Meadow Neighborhood
Scientific and engineering analyses were completed to identify the feasibility of hydraulic and barrier-type controls to improve future protection.

Beachland Avenue Neighborhood
The road was raised to provide access during projected future high tide events and protect private property on the inland side of the road from tidal following.

Bayview Beach Neighborhood

  • Reconstruct, raise, and install tide check valves on four storm drains discharging to the Sound.
  • Reconstruct sand dunes and reestablish beach grass to control high tide overland flooding. The final CTDEEP-approved design consisted of using an anchored coir log core for the dunes.
  • A stormwater pump station was designed to pump water from the street.
  • Construct emergency stormwater pumping system. The City is installing a system that would allow a temporary pump(s) to be placed outside of the floodplain that would draw water from flooded streets and discharge to the Sound.

We conducted public meetings with residents who were concerned with their ongoing flooding problems. We used these meetings to keep residents informed on progress and goals, and to engage them on potential solutions to hear concerns and experiences and reach consensus on the final plan and the flooding risk that it is being designed to manage. Through hands-on meetings, we engaged decision makers by working through alternative design approaches to obtain feedback and buy-in on the systems that they will have to operate and maintain.