Climate Hazard Vulnerability Assessment

Historic and current industrial and commercial use is located along the Merrimack River corridor that runs through the heart of Haverhill, making environmentally impacted and chemically hazardous sites a concern in the assessment of potential climate-related sensitivity and exposure. Understanding the vulnerability of these areas under future climate and their intersection with environmental justice populations was an important component of the City’s climate planning.

This vulnerability assessment was conducted concurrent with the City’s Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) planning. Along with the MVP community resilience building process, Fuss & O’Neill identified, prioritized, and assessed the potential vulnerability of environmentally impacted and chemically hazardous sites due to climate change-driven severe weather events. Stakeholder input and hyperlocal knowledge was critical to the process.

Fuss & O’Neill produced an inventory and mapping of prioritized sites in relation to vulnerable populations, a report detailing the methods and findings of the assessment, and print/digital media for public outreach and education.