Citywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements

Fuss & O’Neill is assisting the City of Stamford with numerous bicycle and pedestrian safety projects throughout the City that have included proven measures to reduce crashes and improve safety.

Provided the design for retroreflective thermoplastic crosswalks, curb extensions at corners, “turning vehicles yield to pedestrians” signs, “no turn on red” signs, bike lanes, road diets, pavement marking, and parking improvements. Some of these projects have included the implementation of leading pedestrian intervals (LPI) at traffic signals and Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs). These projects have been done in conjunction with programmed capital improvement projects on city roadways such as Hope Street, Stillwater Avenue, Strawberry Hill/Newfield Streets, Long Ridge Road, East Main Street, and West Broad Street.

Fuss & O’Neill provided intersection reconfiguration to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety at Hope Street and Glenbrook Road. The improvements included an ADA compliant sidewalk ramp, crosswalk improvements, and bike lanes. We also designed curb extensions and new high visibility crosswalks to improve pedestrian safety and to calm traffic.