Land Port of Entry Site Design

This 4,400-square-foot Land Port of Entry (LPOE) facility includes work areas, inspection and detention facilities, a primary inspection sallyport, and a government garage. Alternative energy sources include ground-source heat pumps and evacuated tube solar hot water. This project received LEED Silver Certification exceeding expectations.

This design/build project entailed replacing an existing LPOE and constructing a new, state-of-art micro-port facility. Design Group Collaborative (DGC) was the lead architect, with Sheridan Corporation as the General Contractor. The contract, awarded by the Department of Homeland Security, Custom and Border Patrol office, had an aggressive schedule in order to ensure design progress such that construction could begin before extreme weather conditions in northern Maine set in. Challenges for design included intricate grading to minimize project footprint on the side of a mountain, while still meeting LEED criteria for stormwater management, and site restoration credits. Additional constraints included an adjacent abutter driveway, and construction phasing of the improvements within the tight site footprint to minimize impacts and maintain all existing operations throughout the duration of construction.