Loving what we do and
living to make a difference

You would think the 40 hours we spend together each week would be enough. Turns out – it’s not. Whether it’s a Thursday night softball game, deep sea fishing, or anything involving food, we actually enjoy spending time together. Each office has an Employee Committee member that organizes events both in and out of the office – everything from baseball games to dragon boat races to camping and picnics (we really are food-driven). Our Corporate Citizenship group takes us further into local communities, whether it be replenishing food banks, building homes, or working with schools. Whatever the event, we are in it together!
Our leaders bring more than 500 years of collective knowledge and experience to their various roles. Furthermore, most of these executives have been with the company for the majority of their careers. This development of talent has led to careful decision making and a prudent path for the company’s continued success. They are invested in the progress of the company and, more importantly, in the progress of those they lead.



JoAnn FryerVice President
New Hampshire Office Manager


Larry BouvierVice President
Fuss & O'Neill Manufacturing Solutions


Kathy NanowskiVice President
Director of Marketing and Business Development


Shawn MartinVice President
Providence, RI Office Manager


Charlie AhlesVice President
Construction Services


Eric BernardinVice President
Springfield, MA Office Manager


Craig LapinskiSenior Vice President
South Region Manager


Maggie SnapeVice President
Director of Human Resources

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