Sudip Bafna

Vice President, Environment and Facilities Business Line Leader

Sudip leads environmental projects and is passionate about providing clients with straightforward and innovative solutions.

He brings two decades of practical experience in air, water, and waste compliance programs and remediation services to his role as Business Line Leader. His work takes him inside companies, collaborating with all levels of personnel and gaining useful insight that sparks productive improvements. From this hands-on experience, Sudip views resolutions and results from a client’s perspective – focusing on responsible budgeting and long-term sustainable solutions. He has worked on various multidisciplinary projects throughout the Northeast for corporations, institutions, and municipal agencies.

Sudip is responsible for developing and implementing the strategic plan for the Environment and Facility Business Line. The Plan is designed to ensure sustainable growth and expand services across New England. He ensures that all staff are current with ever-evolving regulations and that they have the training to best assist clients navigate environmental requirements. He mentors and trains staff to think and act from this client-first perspective. Therefore, all clients receive our highest level of service.

Our work enhances air quality, ensures cleaner water and soil, and transforms blighted sites. These projects encourage development, improve public health, preserve natural resources, and improve the environment.

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