Gregory Dorosh

Senior Vice President, Transportation Business Line Leader

Greg brings decades of state department of transportation and municipal experience to his role as Transportation Business Line Leader. His experience being on the client side of consulting brings a unique perspective and particular insight to client needs.

Additionally, Greg’s multidisciplinary experience allows him to support clients on a multitude of projects that include improvements to roadways, bridges, transportation maintenance facilities, rail and bus transit facilities, rail lines, railroad bridges, and environmental remediation.

Throughout his career, Greg partnered with federal and state agencies, and can support clients as they navigate through regulatory processes. Greg mentors his Business Line staff so that all clients and projects are given the highest level of care and expertise. He collaborates with project managers and regional leaders to identify emerging industry trends and ensures that all staff have ongoing training and current licensure to deliver modern designs.

Drawing from experience as a state DOT client, I guide from a client’s viewpoint. I inspire my team to prioritize responsiveness, deliver quality, and act in the client’s best interest.

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