Dean Audet

Senior Vice President, Water and Natural Resources Business Line Leader

Dean leads multidisciplinary teams to solve a wide range of infrastructure challenges to improve both the built and natural environments.

He has more than 35 years of sustainable design experience, was an early adopter of incorporating nature-based solutions into climate resilience projects, and has authored both state and municipal stormwater guidance manuals. Dean establishes connections with his clients so that he can really understand their needs, which fuels his forward-thinking solutions that often blend green and gray infrastructure. Additionally, Dean’s knowledge of funding sources brings about customized project designs that integrate climate resilience efforts with planned capital improvement projects.

As Business Line Leader, Dean lends all his experiences, knowledge, and problem solving to his staff so that all clients receive innovative and long-lasting designs.

I believe in leveraging nature-based and engineered systems to create opportunities for communities that bring value beyond a completed project and better attract external funding to solve a challenge.

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