Licensed Site Professional (LSP)

We have been conducting Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services on a daily basis since the inception of the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). Our LSPs and support staff have directed and implemented environmental response actions at hundreds of disposal sites throughout Massachusetts, ranging in complexity from roadway fuel spills to centuries-old industrial facilities. Our track record of experience and successful MCP compliance has garnered strong relationships with MassDEP regulators. Our LSPs and staff are well informed of the myriad of MassDEP guidance documents and regulatory opinions, which is critical to closing sites under the MCP process.

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Many of our investigations are designed to meet the requirements of ASTM site assessments as well as all aspects of the MCP. We routinely incorporate innovative techniques to streamline the investigative/remedial design process, reduce costs, and to facilitate property re-use goals while still meeting the regulatory requirements under the MCP.

  • Demolition Support
  • Design/Build
  • Grant Funding Assistance
  • Integrated Redevelopment
  • Peer Review
  • Permitting
  • Property Transfer
  • Remedial Design and Implementation
  • Risk Characterization
  • Site Assessment
  • Site Characterization
  • Soil Management

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