Solid Waste Management

We have provided solid waste management consulting services to public and private sector clients for more than 40 years. We manage all types of solid waste, including municipal solid waste, construction and demolition debris, contaminated soil, brush and yard waste, bio-solids, and other special wastes.

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Our solid waste experience includes the design and permitting of state-of-the-art landfills and landfill expansions. Once the landfills are constructed, we continue assisting our clients with maintaining site operations consistent with best landfill management practices in conformance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, we provide routine environmental field services and help our clients secure approval from regulatory agencies in order to streamline monitoring program requirements.

Fuss & O’Neill believes that developing integrated waste management plans provides the greatest benefit for long-range viability, cost containment, and environmental impact mitigation. Consistent with this philosophy, we have assisted a number of municipalities and regional entities to develop and implement effective solid waste management programs

  • Capacity Analysis
  • Closure Plans
  • Gas Migration Control
  • Groundwater, Surface Water, and Stormwater Monitoring
  • Landfill Design
  • Operational Site Management
  • Operations and Filling Sequence Planning
  • Post-closure Reuse Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance

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