Civil Engineering Design and Permitting for Glenvale Solar Projects

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Fuss & O’Neill has provided multidisciplinary civil engineering design and permitting support for several utility-scale solar energy conversion projects for Glenvale Solar.

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These projects will become critical components of Maine’s future energy infrastructure by providing a source of clean, renewable energy that is also expected to be competitively priced and provide cost savings to Maine ratepayers.

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These projects are best served by a collaborative approach with our client. We have worked with them on many aspects of these projects, including due diligence and feasibility assessments, civil engineering design, and local, state, and federal permitting. Consistent communication has been a key element to successfully completing the design and permitting processes.

Multidisciplinary Support

As a multidisciplinary firm, Fuss & O’Neill provides a multitude of services. Civil engineering services included survey, grading of substation and electrical equipment pads, stormwater management, and erosion and sediment control. Each site shown below includes stormwater management buffers, designed by Fuss & O’Neill, to provide the required water quality treatment of new impervious and developed areas. Our water and natural resource professionals conduct environmental site assessments, wetland delineations, vernal pool assessments, and geotechnical engineering investigations. Our environmental engineers complete soils surveys. Our traffic and transportation engineers design roadway alignment and grading for the gravel roadways constructed on these sites.


All of the projects listed below have required a Site Location of Development Permit and a Natural Resources Protection Act Permit from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, as well as authorizations from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and local approvals. These reviews have required Fuss & O’Neill and Glenvale to address specific criteria pertaining to stormwater management; impacts to wetlands, wildlife habitats, and other natural resources; noise; visual impacts; solid waste management; and site decommissioning.

project area where solar panels will be installed

Utility-scale solar energy conversion projects with Glenvale Solar

West Baldwin Solar Station

West Baldwin and Hiram, ME
21.25 MW-DC (18.4MW-AC)
Site Size:  110 acres
Photovoltaic Panels: 50,790
Gravel Roadway to Be Constructed:
7,585 linear feet

Emery Meadow Solar Station

Buxton, ME
21 MW-DC (18.4 MW-AC)
Site Size:  102 acres
Photovoltaic Panels: 40,000 – 44,000
Gravel Roadway to Be Constructed:
4,120 linear feet

Topsham Meadow Solar Station

Topsham, ME
22.5 MW-DC (17.0 MW-AC)
Site Size: 165 acres
Photovoltaic Panels: 47,340
Gravel Roadway to Be Constructed:
5000+ linear feet

Warren Meadow Solar Station, WARREN, ME

100 MW-DC (75 MW-AC)
Site Size: 487 acres
Gravel Roadway to Be Constructed:
34,500 linear feet

Turner Meadow Solar Station, Turner, MA

25.9 MW-DC (20 MW-AC)
Site Size: 145 acres
Photovoltaic Panels: 45,000
Gravel Roadway to Be Constructed:
6,700 linear feet

Knox Solar Energy Center, Warren, ME

38 MW-DC (33.1 MW-AC)
Site Size: 94 acres
Gravel Roadway to Be Constructed:
7,700 linear feet

Ongoing Support

Fuss & O’Neill is providing ongoing support to Glenvale Solar for additional solar projects in various stages of development. We are providing due diligence and initial site assessments, including Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, wetland delineations, vernal pool assessments, and other natural resource assessments.

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