Fuss & O’Neill is made up of 300+ individuals with varying interests, points of view, and personal histories. Together, these individuals bring strength and insight to causes, which in turn creates change. Fuss & O’Neill has 13 internal committees, most of which have started as employee suggestions. These action groups celebrate and epitomize the culture at Fuss & O’Neill.

We encourage employees to be themselves and create a safe environment in which to do so. We build relationships with like-minded clients and teaming partners, and we seek out work that reflects our values.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEIC) provides awareness of and support for the advancement employees from historically disadvantaged groups at Fuss & O’Neill. It also serves to advance a culture that makes Fuss & O’Neill a best place to work.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee was formed to be proactive; our intention is to make Fuss & O’Neill a best place to work for all employees, while cultivating awareness of the challenges for historically disadvantaged employees. Our formation in 2018 as the Gender Equity and Leadership Committee was rooted in the national dialogue surrounding gender equity. However, our intention from the outset has been to build a foundation of equity work that would foster parity for all historically disadvantaged employees. In 2020, with the national dialogue surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, the Committee decided to update our mission to clearly declare that it is integral to our company culture to actively create an equitable culture for all employees.

Our Mission

  • Cultivate awareness of the challenges for success among those historically disadvantaged by race, gender, sexuality, ability, and religion – and the intersections of these social identities.
  • Institute policy changes, foster mentoring at all levels, and provide support for the advancement of historically disadvantaged groups.
  • Cultivate, retain, support, and advance employees belonging to historically disadvantaged groups.
  • Authentically foster diversity by leveraging the varied backgrounds and experiences of our employees as we work together to improve our culture to make Fuss & O’Neill a best place to work.


Emerging Contaminants Taskforce

Ongoing research into heavily used chemicals is revealing risk to both human health and to the environment. Fuss & O’Neill’s Emerging Contaminants Taskforce was created to provide ongoing analysis and an up-to-date understanding of current investigative and treatment strategies regarding emerging contaminants (contaminants of emerging concern). Our knowledge helps us treat, resolve, and remediate both water and land, which improves both public health and environmental conditions.

Mission Statement
The Emerging Contaminants Taskforce recognizes that the pursuit of information and ability to adapt are integral components to providing comprehensive environmental services. The Emerging Contaminants Taskforce dedicates itself to staying current with research and data; to working with advisory boards, government agencies, and the scientific community; and to bring its clients the most scientifically-proven approach to management and resolution.

Meet the Team

Brent Henebry, LEP
Brent is an Associate in our Environmental and Facility Services Business Line. With nearly three decades of experience, Brent leads our firm’s investigation and remediation services with regard to releases of pollutants to the environment.

Bob Bowden, LEP


Laura Marcolini, PE
Vice President

Josh Robinson
Senior Environmental Scientist


Dan Jahne, LEP

Robert Montgomery
Senior Project Manager

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Active Design Group

Fuss & O’Neill’s Active Design Group was formed to collaborate, provide thought leadership, and explore new ways of designing for non-vehicular transportation. “Active Design” refers to any mode of transportation that requires the body’s exertion: walking, running, cycling, skating, etc. The Active Design Group meets quarterly to review current projects, share new ideas, develop new skills, and learn about current trends in non-auto-centric transit.

Our Mission
To design safe, inclusive transportation spaces.
We shall be advocates for, and creators of: shared roadway space, alternative pathways, and equitable access.

Meet the Team
Fuss & O’Neill’s Active Design Group is led by Nicole Fox, PE. Nicole has a particular passion for active design, focusing her career on rail trail design, new location trails, bicycle and pedestrian planning and scoping, as well as sidewalks and on-road bicycle lanes and cycle tracks. Nicole volunteers her time with Girls on the Run New Hampshire and she is the co-chair of Women in Transportation’s Transportation-YOU Committee.

The Active Design Team is made up of Fuss & O’Neill employees from multiple business lines and offices:

Connor Agro, EIT
Jennifer Babowicz, PE
Stefan Bengtson
Celicia Boyden, EIT, MS
Jake Fowler, EIT
Sarah Frisby, EIT
Andy Glines, PE
Eileen Gunn, AICP
John Guzze, PE
Amy Johnson, PE
Aaron Keegan, PE
Beth Kirmmse, RLA, ASLA, WEDG

Nick Lapointe, PE
Alex Maxwell, EIT
Daniel Monette, PE
Jessica Montagna
Katherine Patch, PE
Arnold Robinson, AICP, NCI, WEDG
Steve Savaria, PE, PTOE
Matthew Skelly, PE, PTOE
Caroline St. Pierre
Patrick Tierney, PE, ENV SP
Stephanie White, RLA, CNU-A, LEED AP
Chelsea Zakas, AICP

Benefits of Active Transportation

Physical Health Improvements
Mental Health Improvements
Reduces Climate Impacts
Creates New Friendships
Stress Reduction
Brings Families Together
Discover New Places
Connect with Nature
Supports Graceful Aging
Reduces Traffic Congestion
Improves Focus

FORCE for Change

F♥O♥R♥C♥E for Change seeks to provide outreach, volunteerism, and financial support to communities surrounding our office locations. We endeavor to engage employees in activities and donations, providing them with volunteer opportunities in their own communities and soliciting their suggestions for charitable giving. F♥O♥R♥C♥E for Change will respond to societal needs, seek out organizations that align with company values, and establish meaningful relationships within the company and surrounding communities.

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