Watershed Management

Fuss & O’Neill partners with organizations to develop and implement watershed management plans that identify problems and threats to water resources and we provide a framework to address these issues within a specific watershed. We work with watershed groups, municipalities, and state agencies on watershed planning projects throughout New England to restore impaired waters (U.S. EPA Nine Elements watershed-based plans), to protect healthy watersheds and public drinking water supplies, and to enhance the resilience of watershed communities to flooding and climate hazards.


Our watershed planning process involves a stakeholder-driven approach to identify practical planning recommendations and to implement projects with strong local support. We emphasizes the use of nature-based approaches (green infrastructure, ecological restoration, riparian corridor and floodplain restoration, land conservation, etc.) to provide multiple benefits such as water quality, resilience, ecological, and community enhancements. We take pride in working with our clients to produce high-quality planning documents that are comprehensive and understandable by the general public.

  • Funding Identification and Application Assistance
  • Implementation
  • Land Use Impact Assessment
  • Management Plan Development
  • Pollutant Load Evaluation and Modeling
  • Project Planning and Design
  • Stakeholder Workshops
  • Water Quality Data Analysis
  • Watershed Characterization and Assessment

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