Best practices are the accumulation of lessons learned by other manufacturers over the course of many years. The goal of our Single Point Lessons (SPLs), is to share those best practices to help you meet the challenges and opportunities that commonly present themselves in the manufacturing process.

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What is a Single Point Lesson?

A SPL is a short video, visual best practice for you to share throughout your company. They are “Intellectual Capital” that you can forward to colleagues, or link to on your company intranet. These lessons are intended to serve as a valuable resource to be shared throughout your company, especially in your Maintenance and Production areas.

When you view the Single Point Lessons, you will see examples of:

  • Something you are already doing (that you can document)
  • A great idea that will save you time and money – a game changer
  • An idea that will lead you to another idea
  • An idea to share with others in your company
  • An idea you don’t think will work for you; that’s OK – try to use them and evaluate each on its own merit. What works for one company may not work for another.

Our hope is that these SPL’s will help foster the spreading of game changing ideas at your facility, leading to improved safety, quality, lead times, and profit.


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