Supporting Our People and Our Communities during the COVID-19 Crisis

As our neighborhoods, country, and world continue to adapt and respond to COVID-19 pandemic, Fuss & O’Neill is doing everything we can to ensure the health and safety of our employees and remain good corporate citizens to our clients and the communities we serve. Our leadership teams continue to monitor and maintain regular communication and awareness of CDC, WHO, and local and national instructions.

Our job is to support the infrastructure that supports society, and we recognize our responsibility to keep our offices open and to be available. We, like everyone else, are doing our best to remain flexible and accessible. As we have offices throughout New England and different states have different recommendations/rules, our procedures may differ by office. We have measures in place to ensure each employee’s ability to work remotely. We have a strong IT infrastructure that can accommodate videoconferencing, large file sharing, and other alternative communication modes. We trust our employees to select the working arrangements that they are most comfortable with and best suit their needs, and trust that they will continue to support our clients and our communities the way they always have before – to the highest extent possible.

We remain dedicated to serving our communities and our clients. We ask that you communicate your organizational expectations so that we can adjust our service plan or schedule to meet your needs. It is during times of crises that we need each other the most, and we are here for our employees, our neighbors, and our clients, whether it be to solve your problems or offer you a listening ear or a friendly smile.