Only One Developer Responds To Manchester Parkade Request

By JESSE LEAVENWORTH,, The Hartford Courant

MANCHESTER — A request seeking developers’ interest in the town-owned side of the Manchester Parkade garnered only one response, but the development team that did answer includes firms with significant experience.

The deadline to reply was Friday. Approximately 15 developers received the request, which sought details about their companies and project portfolios.

The team that responded includes Montreal-based Live Work Learn Play (, the city of New Haven’s preferred developer in the planned $300 million-plus redevelopment of the New Haven Colisseum. The team also includes Newman Architects of New Haven, which also is involved in the proposed colisseum project, along with Fuss & O’Neill Inc., a Manchester-based engineering and planning firm, according to Mark Pellegrini, the town’s director of neighborhood services and economic development.

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