Nurturing a supportive work culture

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Supportive leaders who prioritize communication and psychological safety can foster a positive work environment where employees feel valued and motivated.

In our modern workplaces, the relationship between people leaders and employees is crucial not only for productivity but also for mental well-being and overall employee experience. New research is demonstrating that people leaders have a more significant impact on their employees’ mental health than doctors or even therapists.

Thus a supportive, empathetic, and inclusive supervisor can foster a positive work environment, whereas a toxic or unsupportive one can have detrimental effects on employee mental health. Understanding the dynamics of this relationship is essential for creating healthier workplaces and promoting overall employee well-being and experience.

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About Victoria Verlezza, PhD

Victoria Verlezza, Ph.D. is the employee experience manager at Fuss & O’Neill. Dr. V. has been a coach, consultant, and educator for close to 20 years. She creates neuroaffirming and neuroinclusive spaces using both research and lived experience.

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