Hawleyville Sewer Expansion Project Nearly Complete

The Newtown Bee | Andrew Gorosko

Town Public Works Director Fred Hurley said this month the $3.8 million Hawleyville sanitary sewer system expansion project, which started last June, is essentially complete, with more than 98 percent of the planned construction having been performed. In February 2014, voters at a town meeting approved expanding the Hawleyville sewer system in an 81-11 vote. Centerplan Construction Company of Middletown was the contractor for the sewer expansion project.

Most of the expansion project involved the installation of low-pressure sewer lines, through which sewage will be sent from users’ properties by grinder pumps into the original Hawleyville sewer system, which started operation in 2001. The original system employs conventional gravity-powered sewers and a force main powered by a sewage pumping station. The wastewater is treated at a regional sewage plant in Danbury.

Sections of the expanded sewer system use gravity-powered sewers for waste disposal. Midway Home Estates, an approximately 25-unit mobile home park at 160 Mt Pleasant Road, had gravity-powered received sewers installed in the expansion project. Mr Hurley said December 20 that the sewers in the mobile home park are now operational.

At a Water & Sewer Authority (WSA) meeting earlier this month, WSA members received a progress report on the Hawleyville sewering project from Fuss & O’Neill of Manchester, the town’s consulting engineers on the project.

Pressure testing at some of the properties served by the expanded low-pressure sewer system indicated some leakage problems, most of which occurred at those properties’ connection points to the system, resulting in some simple repairs to fix those leaks.

The expanded Hawleyville sewer system will serve about 25 individual properties. Low-pressure sewer lines were installed along sections of Mt Pleasant Road and Hawleyville Road.

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