Harbor Point Wins BCONE Award

Stamford, CT- Building and Land Technology received the Sustainable Communities Brownfield Redevelopment Award. Building and Land Technology is the developer responsible for the 3.5-billion-dollar Harbor Point Redevelopment Project that encompasses more than 100 acres of former brownfields along the Stamford waterfront.

The Harbor Point Development Project was honored at the Northeast Sustainable Communities Workshop due to its positive contributions to the community (an estimated 2,500 jobs), its magnitude (more than 100 acres along the waterfront), its achievement of LEED-ND Gold certification, the transit-oriented nature of the development, and the public parks and planned publically accessible waterfront.

The project included the construction of new utilities, roadways, bike lanes, and more than 2,360 apartments in nine unique buildings, ranging from renovated historical lofts to waterfront towers, which will ultimately grow to more than 4,000 units and 6,000,000sf of floor space. . The redevelopment included the creation of new public parks, construction of green roofs, and more than 1 mile of exquisitely planned publically accessible waterfront.

This waterfront destination is currently home to corporate headquarters, a boatyard, and more than 30 retailers, including 14 restaurants, with more in the pipeline.

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