Geographic Information Systems

A geographic information system (GIS) provides the base for accurate integration of data. It is used to gather, manage, and analyze data based on geographical location. GIS provides pinpoint graphical representations of sites and denotes site features (e.g., roads, rivers, and utilities, as well as abstract features such as political boundaries or service areas). Then, data is organized based on location, and this organization is transformed into a map, displaying spatial relationships and influences not typically presented via traditional methods. This data is analyzed, revealing relationships that lead to informed and sound engineering decisions.

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Our in-house GIS specialists host web apps for field data collection and create dashboards to provide location-aware data visualization and analytics for a real-time operational view. Harnessing the power of this tool helps our multidisciplinary teams develop a complete operational picture in the early stages of a project – saving time and money on the back end of the project. Clients can maintain full control over their data and their environment and we are able to design the tools and applications that are requested to complete the workflow, or the data and tools can be hosted
by our own cloud-managed platform.

Our teams utilize GIS for a host of services, including transportation, brownfields remediation, stormwater planning, utilities, water/wastewater, site planning, land assessment, watershed management, and land survey. During the COVID pandemic, we have further relied on ArcGIS Online (AGOL) tools such as Experience Builder, ArcGIS-Hub, and Crowdsource Reporter Web App to engage project stakeholders by providing a socially-distanced environment in which to collaborate. We find that the ease of deployment and configuration of a solution
leveraging AGOL incentivizes innovation with relatively low upfront costs.

  • Application Development and Integration
    • Database
    • Desktop
    • Internet
    • Mobile
  • ArcGIS Online Deployment
    • Initial Setup and Configuration
    • Management Administration Offerings
  • Asset Management
    • Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program
    • Sign Inventory and MUTCD Compliance
    • Stormwater System Mapping
  • CADD/BIM to GIS Integration
    • Content Authoring
    • Strategic Planning
    • Training Plans

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