Fuss & O’Neill Announces New LSPs


Boston-Fuss & O’Neill recently announced that Brian Kortz, CPG, LSP, CNU-A and Timothy Clinton, CPG, LSP are the firm’s newest Licensed Site Professionals (LSP). An individual with an LSP oversees the assessment and cleanup of contamination that has been released into the environment.

Clinton credits the people he’s worked with over the years: “For me, reaching this milestone underscores the tremendous guidance I’ve received from my Fuss & O’Neill colleagues over my 12+ years with the firm. I look forward to using this license to help my Massachusetts clients solve their environmental challenges in a way that protects their long-term interests.”

Kortz recognizes the importance of the community he is now a part of: “I am excited to achieve this career goal and honored to be a new member of the LSP community. This licensure will further enable me to work on behalf of Fuss & O’Neill clients to improve the environmental quality of Massachusetts, one site at a time.”

LSPs are obtained by engineers, scientists and other health specialists with significant professional expertise in oil and hazardous material contamination. The licenses are governed by the Massachusetts LSP Board.

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