Beehive Bridge reunites city

Located in New Britain, Connecticut US, the innovative bridge design reunites two halves of the city
separated a decade ago by a highway construction, demonstrating the value of art in the public realm

Celebrating the one year anniversary of the iconic bridge, the Beehive Bridge Festival recalls the valuable structural reinforcement of
the highway overpass by engineering firm Fuss & O’Neill, as well as Svigals + Partners. With bigger sidewalks, bike lanes and pocket
parks, the new bridge instantly created a pedestrian-friendly, active corridor linking residential, business and entertainment districts
while fostering a sense of community and civic pride, say local leaders.

The people of New Britain needed more than just simple pedestrian access. The bridge knits the community
together by creating an inviting space for pedestrians and cyclists, and a unique place for residents to meet
and interact.
Marissa Mead, Director of Art Integration, Svigals + Partners

The concept for reimagining the 265 ft long overpass borrows from the “beehive” theme of New Britain’s official seal. Noted for stunning
visual impact, colourful translucent panels in a honeycomb pattern separate the overpass visually from the highway, and glow at night
with colour-changing LED illumination. Four large format, stainless steel, honeybee sculptures bookend the bridge, and a large ‘hive’
installation anchors the centre.

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