John A. Chambers, PG, LSP

Executive Vice President of Operations

In his role as Executive Vice President of Operations, John fosters coordination and cohesion among regions, has created opportunities for internal career advancement, and leads acquisitive growth initiatives. John welcomed this role, noting: “The thing I’ve always liked most about my job is working with people. This new position allows me to work with even more of our employees and clients and create positive change. I’m excited to listen to new perspectives and to implement strategies to make us a more streamlined, efficient, and productive firm.”

John’s 30+ years of experience centered on community redevelopment because of its vital impact on the social, aesthetic, and economic value of communities. While John is a Professional Geologist and Licensed Site Professional with a primary expertise in brownfield redevelopment, he also has a long history of coordinating multi-discipline engineering teams. He has gained a wealth of knowledge about other disciplines and the importance of seamless coordination between different experts when working on complex projects. John loves when a talented and creative team works in sync to meet a collective goal that no one person could complete on his or her own.