Air quality, jobs issues snarl Continuum move in New Haven

By Mary E. O’Leary, New Haven Register

NEW HAVEN >> The alder, who was having an asthma attack as she was speaking, said she needed more time to study the air quality report undertaken as part of the $50 million development project designed to reclaim part of the Route 34 connector, before she could vote on it.

The Community Development Committee of the Board of Alders agreed to put off a vote for a short time, given her request and the volume of information they had to absorb Thursday as Continuum of Care presented its proposal to consolidate its offices in a new headquarters as part of a larger project proposed by Centerplan development.

Alder Delores Colon, D-6, who represents part of the Hill neighborhood, explained her concerns with a story about laundry and trying to air “her dainties” when she moved to New Haven decades ago, only to find they looked like someone sprayed oil on them.

What was on her clothes were particulates from polluted air. Colon said she contracted pneumonia and has had asthma since.

She wants to make sure she understands the report submitted by Fuss and O’Neill that analyzed the air quality and whether the proposed development degrades the air.

Diane Mas, a member of the engineering company, said she tested the air at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Dwight Street, taking into consideration the Lot E garage on the lot next to the proposed site, and compared it to what she projected it will be with a full development there.

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