Manufacturing equipment productivity typically runs less than 50 percent.
Fuss & O’Neill helps clients bring greater efficiency to day-to-day
manufacturing operations while developing improved systems
for increased productivity, reliability and safety. With tools and
training materials created specifically for our clients, we provide
results that are both immediate and sustainable.

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Manufacturing Services

Air Quality Engineering

Fuss & O’Neill has a highly experienced group of air quality professionals that bring significant technical expertise to our clients. From minor source permitting to full facility permitting, we have the experts who understand the regulations and can streamline and simplify a facility’s requirements. Our air quality services include permitting, regulatory compliance and enforcement assistance, modeling, sampling, and reporting/recordkeeping.

Energy Management Consulting

We provide assessment, planning and design services for conventional and renewable energy systems. On the demand side, assessment of existing equipment, usage and billing data provide an essential building block for developing conservation strategies and tactics. On the supply side, Fuss & O’Neill works with developers, utilities and owners on a wide range of renewable energy projects (solar photovoltaics, combined heat and power (conventional and alternative fuel sources), fuel cells and hydroelectric. We also provide interconnection application support, permitting, design and construction services.

Environmental Compliance and Design

Federal and state regulatory environments have dramatically altered compliance requirements for private and public facilities. As we find solutions to compliance tasks, we look for ways to provide additional value to clients. Combining permitting expertise and engineering know-how, our team approach often leads to reduced operating costs and environmental benefits such as reduced energy consumption, water conservation, and material substitution. Our services range from air, water and waste permitting to onsite compliance support, litigation support, and comprehensive environmental design.

Facility and Campus Management

We assist private and public clients with the challenges inherent in developing and managing large facilities and campuses. Our services include the planning, design, and construction management of new buildings and renovations, consolidations and relocations, and their infrastructure systems (e.g. power, chilled water, compressed air, fuel, steam, and specialty gases). We work with industrial clients to optimize manufacturing processes through machine upgrades, improvements to cooling/heating utilities and integrated control systems, effective industrial waste systems, process safety management and indoor air quality/industrial ventilation needs.

Green Infrastructure

Communities can choose a green infrastructure approach to support sustainable communities, maintain healthy waters, and provide long term sustainability of social, environmental , and economic priorities. Since the 1980s, we have been perfecting the planning, design, and implementation of infiltration and vegetative treatment systems, and are leaders in the use of low-impact development (LID) and other green infrastructure.

Hazardous Building Materials Consulting

Toxic and hazardous materials include materials, chemicals, or biologic agents that may pose a risk to human health or the environment. These materials, such as asbestos, lead, mold, PCBs and radon, may be found in building envelopes or the surrounding outdoor environment. Our services include building inspections, material sampling and analysis, development of design specifications, and monitoring for abatement programs.

Hazardous Waste Management

Toxic and hazardous materials include materials, chemicals, or biologic agents that may pose a risk to human health or the environment. These materials, such as asbestos, lead, mold, PCBs and radon, may be found in building envelopes or the surrounding outdoor environment. Our services include building inspections, material sampling and analysis, development of design specifications, and monitoring for abatement programs.

Integrated Redevelopment

Realizing the maximum value in real estate requires a multidisciplinary team that can integrate varied technical solutions into a comprehensive redevelopment plan consistent with the vision of the owner. Our staff is experienced in working together with redevelopment teams in the development of comprehensive planning, design, and permitting strategies. Our experts seamlessly weave the technical, regulatory, financial, and aesthetic aspects of redevelopment into the existing urban fabric to deliver the best solutions and maximize the long-term value of redevelopment projects.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) encompass a broad range of information and communications technologies that improve the safety, efficiency, and performance of transportation systems. When integrated into our roadways, vehicles and public transportation network, ITS can help reduce congestion, improve mobility, save lives and optimize our existing infrastructure. Our services include coordinated signal systems, design of operations centers, variable message signs, CCTV and video detection, wireless and fiber communication technologies, and smart parking systems.

Landscape Architecture

Fuss & O’Neill integrates planning and landscape architectural services across our diverse disciplines. Our team of designers, planners, and engineers possess a unique blend of formal and practical experience in landscape architecture, planning, real-estate development, transportation, site master planning, and design. Partnering with profit and non-profit developers, government agencies, and allied design professionals, we provide a diverse palette of visualization tools for communication and public outreach.

Maintenance Excellence Training and Consulting

We provide hands-on training and consulting services to improve the safety, productivity, and reliability of manufacturing equipment. We are national leaders in Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), a process that maximizes the productivity of equipment for its entire lifetime. TPM fosters an environment where improvement efforts in safety, quality, cost, delivery, and creativity are encouraged through the participation of all employees. Our Certified Maintenance Professionals offer a hands-on practical approach to implementing TPM, providing immediate and sustainable results.

Manufacturing Support

We provide a wide range of support to manufacturers to meet the challenges of improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes, providing reliable infrastructure systems, maintaining compliance with OSHA and other environmental regulations, and expanding physical facilities. Our Manufacturing Solutions group provides shop floor, hands-on training and related services to help manufacturers improve health and safety within their workplace while concurrently improving the quality, productivity, and reliability of their processes and equipment.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Our mechanical and electrical expertise goes beyond conventional design. We excel at existing systems infrastructure, providing assessments and recommendations, energy upgrades, and system replacement and modifications. Unlike many firms, our expertise is not limited to the building. We have successfully completed a wide variety of campus and site wide projects for overhead and underground electrical, steam, and hot and chilled water systems.

Petroleum Storage and Distribution

Our experienced staff provides engineering services in the areas of compliance, corrective action, SPCC plans, design, remediation, replacement, inspection, system upgrades, and construction coordination for underground and aboveground petroleum storage and fueling facilities. Our approach addresses the receipt, storage, and distribution of petroleum and related chemical products from terminal to end-use. We provide tank integrity testing and inspections as required under the Oil Control Act and the Massachusetts 3rd Party UST Inspector Program.

School Safety Services

Our school safety services include technical and art education safety management, chemical hygiene plan development, chemical storeroom organization, chemical risk assessment, and general school chemical safety program assistance. We will also facilitate the organization and scheduling of quarterly safety committee meetings and review other environmental and safety issues as needed.

Stormwater Management and Compliance

Our decades of stormwater management experience are highlighted by our experience authoring state and regional manuals (e.g. Connecticut Storm Water Quality Manual). Our experts solve drainage, flooding, and stormwater quality problems, and assist in developing municipal programs to address these challenges. Possessing a strong design capability in stormwater systems, we are leaders in integrating green infrastructure and low impact design (LID) principles in our projects.

Structural Engineering

Our structural design group provides evaluation and design services for bridges, buildings, and other specialty structures for a variety of governmental, industrial, and private clients. Our multi-disciplined team allows us to address the multi-faceted needs of any structural assignment. We develop tailored and cost effective solutions that are functional and aesthetically compatible with their surroundings.

Training and Education

Our experienced instructors provide training in EPA asbestos and lead; OSHA courses for lead, asbestos, hazardous waste, construction safety; blood borne pathogens; lockout/tagout; respiratory protection; confined space entry; hazard communication; hazardous chemicals; process safety management; pesticide usage; and universal waste handling/disposal. We work with many of our clients to provide customized course development and training at on-site locations along with offering open enrollment courses. For more information, visit our Training and Education page.

Wastewater Management Systems

We provide planning, design, and construction services for wastewater solutions ranging from decentralized management to conventional collection and treatment systems. Our collection system experience includes gravity and low pressure sewer design, I/I evaluations, and pump station evaluations and upgrades. We design treatment plant upgrades to provide better energy efficiency, nutrient removal and capacity expansion. Our team has been instrumental in securing grants and loans for client projects, and helps communities to establish regulations and better manage their wastewater infrastructure.

Other Areas of Practice

The success of any complex project demands more than discrete services. That’s why we have organized our business to deliver integrated services across multiple Areas of Practice. Our commitment to cross-departmental collaboration provides more unified, inspired solutions, shortens project cycles and reduces costs. Organizations that want high-quality consulting services turn to Fuss & O‘Neill for services within these areas.

Practice Areas Involved:

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