It takes mastery of technical, legal and regulatory requirements to navigate environmental concerns that can have far-reaching implications for current and future owners. Fuss & O’Neill’s environmental expertise spans assessment and remediation, compliance and permitting and impact assessment. We also conduct inspections of the built environment for potential hazards such as asbestos, lead paint, mold, PCBs, and mercury. Our environmental assessments provide clients with the information necessary to make informed business decisions.

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Environmental Services

Brownfields Redevelopment

We have a long and successful history of providing brownfield redevelopment services to developers and public entities. We provide an integrated team of technical experts that have a singular focus on promoting the highest and best use for blighted properties. In addition to helping clients obtain state and federal funding, our our team understand how to drive up real estate value through cost effective site remediation and redevelopment design services that optimize sustainable property reuse.

Climate Resiliency

Our engineering and scientific professionals work together in developing coastal resiliency solutions to combat climate change, sea-level rise, and storm surge. They carefully assess areas of vulnerability, both in an immediate sense, as well as future planning. Coastal protection and flood management solutions may include, but are not limited to, structural alternatives, adaptable and modular engineering concepts, flood proofing, bioengineered technology, green infrastructures, and flow control structures. Our goal is to provide effective approaches that mitigate, minimize, or adapt to the effects of sea-level rise and storm events.
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Community Outreach

Community Outreach is an important part of what we do. We understand that in order for a project to be successful, we must also reach out to the various stakeholders to build consensus and ensure that all possible concerns are addressed. We focus on clear communication and collaboration throughout a project and have extensive experience in organizing and facilitating meetings, workshops, and charrettes.

Ecological and Wetland Services

Our staff scientists conduct ecological and wetland assessments and evaluations, wetland and watercourse delineations, and vegetation and ecological surveys.

Environmental Compliance and Design

Federal and state regulatory environments have dramatically altered compliance requirements for private and public facilities. As we find solutions to compliance tasks, we look for ways to provide additional value to clients. Combining permitting expertise and engineering know-how, our team approach often leads to reduced operating costs and environmental benefits such as reduced energy consumption, water conservation, and material substitution. Our services range from air, water and waste permitting to onsite compliance support, litigation support, and comprehensive environmental design.

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental due diligence is the process of understanding and assessing the environmental conditions of a property, often in advance of property acquisition. This combined legal and technical exercise is often performed to fulfill liability protections that may be available under federal and state environmental laws. Our services include assessment of environmental conditions, the development of remedial strategies to address these conditions in the context of the site development plan, and the implementation of remedial measures.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We have experience in environmental documentation for a variety of projects in institutional, suburban, and urban settings for actions as diverse as affordable housing renovation, roadway extension, and coastal beach nourishment. Our team is able to provide the expertise necessary to evaluate existing conditions and potential impacts to natural resources, infrastructure, and cultural resources, as well as socioeconomic and environmental justice issues.

Environmental Remediation

Our environmental and engineering staff provides our clients with a full range of remedial services, beginning with the conceptual evaluation of alternatives and proceeding through detailed design, installation, operation and maintenance, and post-remediation monitoring and verification processes. Most importantly, we understand that for our remediation approaches to succeed they need to be both context sensitive and fully promote our clients operational and redevelopment goals for their businesses.

Environmental Site Assessment

The environmental assessment process identifies whether hazardous materials or petroleum products were potentially released on a site, and where these releases occurred. Our services, often provided prior to property acquisition, include identification of potential release areas in Phase I, sampling to determine where releases have occurred in Phase II, and full delineation of the extent and magnitude of contamination in Phase III. After assessment is completed, we assist our clients in preparing feasibility studies and remedial action plans.

Hazardous Building Materials Consulting

Toxic and hazardous materials include materials, chemicals, or biologic agents that may pose a risk to human health or the environment. These materials, such as asbestos, lead, mold, PCBs and radon, may be found in building envelopes or the surrounding outdoor environment. Our services include building inspections, material sampling and analysis, development of design specifications, and monitoring for abatement programs.

Indoor Air Quality Consulting

Our experts evaluate indoor air quality, provide detailed ventilation and re-entrainment studies, and conduct microbiological evaluations, odor assessment, radon studies, and sick building syndrome investigations. We conduct investigations for indicators including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature, percent relative humidity, and bio-aerosols (fungi spores) that are known human pathogens and may cause allergic reactions. We also collect air and building exterior samples of fungi/mold, bacteria, and other particulates.

Integrated Redevelopment

Realizing the maximum value in real estate requires a multidisciplinary team that can integrate varied technical solutions into a comprehensive redevelopment plan consistent with the vision of the owner. Our staff is experienced in working together with redevelopment teams in the development of comprehensive planning, design, and permitting strategies. Our experts seamlessly weave the technical, regulatory, financial, and aesthetic aspects of redevelopment into the existing urban fabric to deliver the best solutions and maximize the long-term value of redevelopment projects.

Licensed Site Professional (LSP)

Fuss & O’Neill has extensive experience providing Professional Services under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP, 310 CMR 40.0000) in connection with environmental assessments, investigations and cleanups. Our staff includes several Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs). Having a strong in-house staff of LSPs allows us to efficiently navigate many challenges posed by properties affected by releases of oil and/or hazardous materials. This capability allows us to efficiently make the most of property redevelopment potential as well as meeting obligations prescribed by the MCP. In addition, when unexpected oil and/or hazardous materials scenarios arise, especially during construction, having the in-house capability of our LSPs allows us to seamlessly deal with these situations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

On-Call Consulting Services

We have been providing a broad range of on-call engineering and environmental services to municipal, state, federal, industrial, institutional, and utility clients throughout Southern New England for decades. As one of the largest multidiscipline engineering firms in the region, we not only possess the expertise and resources to successfully fulfill these types of contracts, we also have a thorough understanding of local, state, and federal regulations, as well as strong relationships with respective regulatory staff. Our depth of expertise and resources, as well as our ability to quickly respond to emergency situations, results in cost-effective and innovative solutions for assigned tasks.

School Safety Services

Our school safety services include technical and art education safety management, chemical hygiene plan development, chemical storeroom organization, chemical risk assessment, and general school chemical safety program assistance. We will also facilitate the organization and scheduling of quarterly safety committee meetings and review other environmental and safety issues as needed.

Site Planning & Engineering

Fuss & O’Neill is recognized for our ability to integrate multi-discipline teams to plan and design urban and suburban development and redevelopment in a holistic way that enhances communities and brings our clients' visions to life. Our transit-oriented development and urban redevelopment projects (frequently on brownfields sites) are successful applications of sustainable and low impact design (LID) principles. Whether we are designing special places for work, living or playing, we understand how to maximize the economic, social and environmental values of sites for our clients.

Solid Waste Management

Our integrated waste management services address all facets of solid waste reduction and recycling. We provide design, permitting, and construction-related services for solid waste collection, processing and disposal facilities.

Stormwater Management and Compliance

Our decades of stormwater management experience are highlighted by our experience authoring state and regional manuals (e.g. Connecticut Storm Water Quality Manual). Our experts solve drainage, flooding, and stormwater quality problems, and assist in developing municipal programs to address these challenges. Possessing a strong design capability in stormwater systems, we are leaders in integrating green infrastructure and low impact design (LID) principles in our projects.

Training and Education

Our experienced instructors provide training in EPA asbestos and lead; OSHA courses for lead, asbestos, hazardous waste, construction safety; blood borne pathogens; lockout/tagout; respiratory protection; confined space entry; hazard communication; hazardous chemicals; process safety management; pesticide usage; and universal waste handling/disposal. We work with many of our clients to provide customized course development and training at on-site locations along with offering open enrollment courses. For more information, visit our Training and Education page.

Water Quality Planning and Management

Our team brings expertise and practical experience in diagnosing and addressing water quality issues in challenging environments. For more than 25 years, we have employed sustainable and low-impact practices in these areas, which include highly urbanized watersheds and unique land uses such as airports and beaches. We also conduct watershed assessments and develop regulatory processes to protect critical groundwater and surface drinking water sources.

Watershed Management Planning

The watershed approach to planning uses a series of cooperative, iterative steps to characterize existing conditions, identify and prioritize problems, define objectives, develop protection or remediation strategies, and implement and adapt selected actions as necessary. The outcomes of this process are documented in a watershed plan. We use a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists to develop holistic plans of watersheds. This allows us to fit experts with specific watershed issues and develop tailored action plans for watersheds that generate results for stakeholders.

Other Areas of Practice

The success of any complex project demands more than discrete services. That’s why we have organized our business to deliver integrated services across multiple Areas of Practice. Our commitment to cross-departmental collaboration provides more unified, inspired solutions, shortens project cycles and reduces costs. Organizations that want high-quality consulting services turn to Fuss & O‘Neill for services within these areas.

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