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Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program

In 2018 Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs created the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program (MVP) to empower and assist communities prioritize actions that enhance climate change resiliency with consideration for local infrastructure, environment, and society. Since the onset of this program, Fuss & O’Neill has been assisting Massachusetts communities secure grant assistance, achieve designation as a Massachusetts MVP community, and execute their MVP priority projects. Eleven professionals from Fuss & O’Neill are certified MVP providers.

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Grant Applications

For the first round of grant funding, we assisted 16 communities with grant assistance and achieved more than $700,000 in grant funding. This year we helped 11 communities submit funding applications, totaling more than $4M in grants. The newest grant applications focus on a diverse range of projects, including: development of public electric vehicle charging stations, a study of smart sewer feasibility, a microgrid feasibility study, green infrastructure master planning, and flood resiliency via assessment and redesign of infrastructure.

Practice Areas Involved


We organize and orchestrate workshops to bring together community stakeholders to identify common and locally-unique climate change vulnerabilities and strengths, and then develop prioritization for implementation of projects. Common topics include: flooding associated with increased storm intensity and vulnerability assessments of roadway, bridges, and culverts. Unique challenges identified include: drought, lack of an expansive drinking water distribution system, fire protection (especially from forest fires), lack of backup power for critical infrastructure, and green power solutions. While many communities have identified infrastructure as a key climate change strength or vulnerability, priorities for climate change risks and resiliency also targeted societal and environmental sectors.

Awarded Projects

Solutions routinely include green infrastructure, low-impact design, and other nature-based solutions that will be integrated with hard-infrastructure improvements to establish approaches that will be robust in the face of natural hazards and climate-change scenarios. Awarded projects include:

  • Road Stream Crossing Assessment and Climate Change Adaptation Plan and Enhancing Water Supply Reliability
  • Public Water Supply Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment
  • Climate Change Water Resource Vulnerability and Adaptation Strategy Assessment, Conceptual Designs
  • Integrated Water Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Resiliency Plan
  • Water/Sewer Critical Infrastructure Green Emergency Power Study
  • Green Infrastructure Implementation
  • Integrated Water Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment
  • Culvert and Green Infrastructure Concept Design and Dam Resiliency Assessment

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