Downtown Crossing Transit-Oriented Development

The City of New Haven is undertaking the Downtown Crossing project to convert a portion of Route 34 into an urban boulevard. It is the City’s goal to implement a Transit-oriented Development (TOD) plan that will unite neighborhoods with downtown while preserving corridor mobility, enhancing safety, and improving economic conditions.

Downtown Crossing integrates mixed-use development and TOD to take advantage of the transportation infrastructure; to create patterns of development that reflect the values and vision of the community; to complement and enhance the surrounding districts; and to “connect” visually, physically, socially, and culturally with adjacent neighborhoods. Fuss & O’Neill worked on behalf of a private developer to coordinate a multitude of planning, design, permitting, and constructability issues for this development and infrastructure improvements project.

The transportation solution included access roadways to an Air Rights Garage and tunnel considerations spanning public and private right-of-way with cross easements and shared infrastructure. We secured encroachment permits and developed maintenance and protection of traffic plans. We developed repaving and restriping work for road restoration.

This public-private-partnership project includes the City of New Haven, the State of Connecticut, a private pharmaceuticals company, and Winstanley Enterprises. We were hired to provide dispute resolution services on behalf of the owner.

Additional services included: construction bulletin for water main conflict, construction administration, a drainage report, generator air permitting, land survey, site planning, sizing of irrigation flows for landscape and green walls, stormwater management, and wastewater sampling.