Licensed Site Professional (LSP) Services

Working for both transmission and distribution units of Eversource, Fuss & O’Neill has conducted LSP services at numerous sites throughout western Massachusetts.

Among our various services, we have performed pre-characterization of soil and other media in advance of utility construction projects. This work has been conducted within electrical substations and along utility rights-of-way. We have prepared Utility Release Abatement Measures (URAMs) and related submittals for the MassDEP under the regulatory requirements of the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP, 310 CMR 40.0000).

We have been performing LSP services on an on-call basis for several years and, as such, are extremely familiar working with Eversource personnel and their contractors. Fuss & O’Neill personnel have received the requisite substation electrical awareness training by Eversource, and we have the appropriate personnel protective equipment for substation entry (i.e., FR clothing). We are familiar with Eversource’s Contractor Work Rules and their best management practices.