Implementation of Vegetated Swale Maintenance

Fuss & O’Neill was contracted to provide maintenance improvements to a vegetated swale that provides treatment and energy dissipation of stormwater runoff. This project was divided into two parts due to permit restrictions.

In the first phase, improvements included removal of sediment buildup, upgrade of a stilling basin and leveling pad, and replanting of non-invasive species. The second phase involved wetlands permitting and construction administration for the construction of the project. We provided construction oversight of the following tasks:

  • mobilization and demobilization
  • silt fence
  • clearing the area of brush
  • removal of erosion and sedimentation controls
  • dewatering of sediments and work area
  • excavation, loading, and stockpiling of sediment and subsoil
  • trucking and disposal of surplus soil and sediment
  • water management in the swale
  • restoration of disturbed construction areas