Deerfield River Streambank Stabilization

The town of Deerfield turned to Fuss & O’Neill when a historic storm caused the Deerfield River to overrun its banks, flooding an adjacent road and agricultural fields. In addition to finding an engineering solution to harness the river and reverse the flood damage, we were also asked to oversee a complex permitting process involving the Town, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and state permitting officials.

Our team’s design offered unique and creative solutions to deflect channel flow toward the center of the river channel, and away from repaired areas. An innovative network of natural plantings was also used to protect against erosion along the repaired area. Finally, we incorporated a traffic safety berm along the adjacent roadway to manage stormwater runoff, further minimizing erosion along the roadway.

Ultimately, our work repaired the damage caused by the historic storm and protected against similar damage in the future, while at the same time making the adjacent roadway safer for drivers.