Brian Kortz, CPG, LSP, CNU-A

Vice President, Providence, RI Office Manager

Brian is a Vice President and our Providence Office Manager who has experience managing all facets of multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental projects. A geologist by training, Brian has achieved a diverse skillset that allows him to lead teams of planners, scientists, and engineers on complex sites that require innovative solutions and result in community assets to be enjoyed by generations to come. These wide-ranging projects and clients include brownfields, urban redevelopments, industrial facilities, solid waste facilities, new developments, and residential properties. Brian also brings a unique perspective to projects through his joint certifications as a Certified Professional Geologist and an Accredited Member of The Congress for the New Urbanism.

Brian finds personal satisfaction through assembling and mentoring talented and diverse teams of professionals to successfully execute projects. Collaborative by nature, he firmly believes that a team-oriented approach leads to our greatest achievements.