Life: Sustained

Protecting all creatures,
great and small
Storrs, Connecticut

Progress doesn’t have to mean leaving everything behind. Sometimes, you can take everything with you. Such is the case with the current road extension project at the UCONN campus in Storrs, CT. As we develop a multifunctional entrance to their new Technology Park, we are creating ways to improve human access, while at the same time protecting native wood frogs and salamanders.

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Fuss & O’Neill has been instrumental in partnering with the University in overcoming permitting challenges with state and federal agencies.  We developed a federal Environmental Impact Statement, as well as a state CEPA Comparative Evaluation to address regulatory concerns and obtained necessary approvals based on our innovative, sustainable solutions to reduce environmental impacts.

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This project, which was started in 2001, is scheduled for completion by the Spring of 2016. The expected impact on the University and surrounding community is to provide an aesthetically attractive means of entry into the campus that results in greater access, improves functionality, and alleviates current traffic congestion. We are committed to accomplishing all of this while preserving the environmental integrity and wildlife of the location and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of this rural campus.

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