UConn Next Generation Residence Hall EIE

Fuss & O’Neill prepared an Environmental Impact Evaluation pursuant to the Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA) for the construction of the $105 million, 8-story, 210,000 SF residence hall that provides residential space for 727 students, along with community gathering places, lab space and seminar rooms.

The EIE, which was prepared concurrent with the EIE for the New Engineering and Science Building, required coordination with UConn to ensure consistent assessment of potential impacts to campus-wide water supply. We coordinated with the design team to evaluate potential effects and to identify mitigation measures associated with stormwater management. The project area is located within the Eagleville Brook watershed, which is the subject of both a total maximum daily load (TMDL) for impervious cover (CTDEEP, 2007) and a watershed management plan (Dietz & Arnold, 2011), and is included in the statewide bacteria TMDL (CTDEEP, 2012).Wetland delineation, project design, and permitting services were provided to support the impact analysis.

The project followed an aggressive time schedule to meet the need for construction to support the STEM Honors program as part of the Next Generation Connecticut initiative.