RIDOT Linear Stormwater Manual

Fuss & O’Neill developed a stormwater manual for RIDOT that is specifically focused on how to implement green infrastructure controls within a public right-of-way.

This manual addresses how to plan, select, design, construct, and maintain approximately 20 green infrastructure type controls. It addresses selection of stormwater controls to best meet site-specific stormwater quality issues and to satisfy maximum extent practicable requirements.

This project consists of updating the current Rhode Island Stormwater Design and Installation Standards Manual to reflect current design approaches and to address the unique challenges (e.g., lack of space, utility conflicts, and access for maintenance) working within the public right-of-way.

The key elements of this manual will include:

  • Methods to calculate stormwater management goals for every RIDOT project.
  • Methods to select appropriate GSI controls based on goals while meeting Maximum Extent Practicable requirements.
  • Detailed design standards for each GSI control, as well as pretreatment and other standard design elements.
  • Design approaches to overcome challenges such as utility and space conflicts.
  • Construction details and specifications for each GSI control.
  • Maintenance requirements for each GSI control.
  • Standard worksheets and forms for manual users.

RIDOT Linear Stormwater Manual