RCRA Voluntary Corrective Action Plan Remediation Planning and Permitting

Since 2001, Fuss & O’Neill has been leading Rogers Corporation’s efforts to investigate and remediate their headquarters campus under the USEPA’s RCRA Voluntary Corrective Action Program. Our services include a complex and multi-phased scope of environmental assessment, human health and ecological risk characterization, regulatory permitting, and remediation.

A variety of environmental impacts warranting remedial response actions have been identified at this 70+ acre industrial facility that has been in operation for over 150 years. We have designed and permitted a remedial approach for an area of soil and groundwater impacted by chlorinated solvents and manufactured gas plant waste attributed to past industrial practices. The cleanup approach for this area was complicated by its location between a river and active industrial buildings. Our remedial design includes soil excavation, impermeable capping, wetland restoration, and streambank stabilization.

Fuss & O’Neill performed a comprehensive environmental assessment and risk characterization program which focused on over 30 Potential Areas of Concern throughout the campus.

Remedial design was complicated by the buildings proximity to a river and wetlands. Our remedial design included wetland restoration and streambank restoration.