Overton-Broad Connector

Fuss & O’Neill worked with Alta/Greenways, Looney Ricks Kiss, and Powers Hill Design to develop a concept to link the Shelby Farms Greenline Trail with Overton Park. The trail ended at Tillman Street in Midtown, leaving a 1 ½ mile gap between the trail terminus and Overton Park.

The guiding principal of the design was to maintain the same experience that bicyclists have on the Greenline. To meet this goal, our team identified an on-street route, and developed a road diet concept that incorporated an on-road two-way cycle track.

This concept was developed during the course of a three-day collaborative work session that identified issues and opportunities with the design. Participants included the design team, the City, business owners, and residents riding the route, all of whom endorsed the concept at the work session’s conclusion. The plan provided a safe and seamless connection between the Greenline and the park.